You’re gasping in astonishment

I posted my first assignment away yesterday. It was the poster. I spent all last weekend and most of the week muddling about in Publisher trying to put together something that had even a hint of “creativity” about it. If there is one thing I am not it is a visually creative person so this was a challenge. I will happily write you all the words in the world but tell me to pretty something up and I am stumped. I guess that’s why I never could see the point of scrapbooking. And I know I will never be a graphic designer. Because apart from the fact that I’m not visually creative, I can’t be bothered fiddling around with documents in that way. Anyway, I finally came up with something that included a jpeg file of the book cover, a background on every page of a hipstamatic photo I had taken of some of my old violin music which I then altered the contrast on so the text stood out, and I scattered some very unoriginal music clip art to break up the text. I also highlighted all the key words throughout the text so they stood out…sort of like the online dictionary did itself in its entries. I know. You’re gasping in astonishment at my creativity!

Then I toddled to the post office before work, bought one of those tube things and sent it away. Done. Finished. Moving on to Assignment Two which as far as I can gather involves some kind of reflection on a shadowing session in the library. I need to have a read about this tomorrow I think.


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