a nitwit in the local library

I’m just about finished my second assignment. I need to find time this week to go on my undercover mission to the local council library and ask my “question”. Quite frankly, the exercise makes me feel like a nitwit. I have done a little preparation though and searched their catalogue online so I have a bit of an idea of their holdings on television comedy (which is the focus of my question). I must say I was extremely impressed with the chat inquiry service from the State Library of Queensland. However, I will save my writing about that for my discussion forum post which is part of the assignment. Once I have done that I have to do my 500 word reflection and I am finished. For those of you anxiously awaiting news of my mark for my first assignment, I got a Distinction which I was very happy with…particularly given my lack of visual creativity which formed a fair proportion of the final grade. Next it is onwards and upwards to the final assignment which is a big report. Eeek. Here’s something else you don’t have to write in humanities’ degrees…reports. Well, I never had to anyway.

trying to think of a good question

Today marks the final day for submitting my first assignment. I uploaded my 500 word reflection to Blackboard yesterday. Having been on the other side of the educator/student fence for such a long time, submitting anything for assessment feels very strange indeed. I am used to marking, assessing, grading etc. I am no longer used to being marked, assessed and graded. It’s a little disconcerting and I feel like I might be trying too hard. Some things seem suspiciously easy. Am I doing them wrong? Am I not reading the question correctly? Do I have any idea about anything at all? These are some of the comforting thoughts that have been going through my mind of late. Anyway, Assignment Two beckons. It is due on Friday May 6. This is also the week of the music eisteddfod so it’s particularly bad timing and means that once again I need to get it done a week or so early. It may not surprise you to read that I have already started. This time we work through a reference training program, practising finding online sources, and using various search engines, subject directories etc to locate different types of information and respond to queries. I have completed the first two parts – shadow a librarian, undertake two of a number of training modules on particular reference types. I chose biographies and then almanacs/yearbooks/handbooks. Never having had the need to consult an almanac before in my life I decided I would choose something with which I was unfamiliar. Next step is to ask a question through a library chat service and then compare it with asking the same question at my local library. At the moment I’m trying to think of a good question. And then I have to reflect on all these things and submit that – again through Blackboard. So I move forward…on to bigger and more referencey type things.