a nitwit in the local library

I’m just about finished my second assignment. I need to find time this week to go on my undercover mission to the local council library and ask my “question”. Quite frankly, the exercise makes me feel like a nitwit. I have done a little preparation though and searched their catalogue online so I have a bit of an idea of their holdings on television comedy (which is the focus of my question). I must say I was extremely impressed with the chat inquiry service from the State Library of Queensland. However, I will save my writing about that for my discussion forum post which is part of the assignment. Once I have done that I have to do my 500 word reflection and I am finished. For those of you anxiously awaiting news of my mark for my first assignment, I got a Distinction which I was very happy with…particularly given my lack of visual creativity which formed a fair proportion of the final grade. Next it is onwards and upwards to the final assignment which is a big report. Eeek. Here’s something else you don’t have to write in humanities’ degrees…reports. Well, I never had to anyway.


3 thoughts on “a nitwit in the local library

  1. Congratulations on the distinction!
    Isn't the “nitwit” feeling horrid? I used to hate those sorts of assignments. Used to feel like I had ants under my skin the whole time I was doing them.
    It's amazing how education has embraced technology and you are able to upload things and do online chats. It's a long way from learning how to use that “new-fangled microfiche” at uni many summers ago!!

  2. Oh me too, the faint dizziness and nausea of motion sickness and then getting disoriented and losing my focus just as I was about to find the rotten information I was after and having to start again. I didn't even like the feel of the film to handle it.
    Give me today's search engine programs anytime!

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