an auspicious Sunday afternoon

Well it certainly is an auspicious Sunday afternoon. I have just submitted my final report for INN332, Information Retrieval. I was very fortunate to be granted an extension over the long weekend because there was no way in the world I would have completed it by last Thursday. I know now a lot more about piracy in the music industry as well as the challenges involved in finding quality information about that same topic using online resources. I think for my first subject it will be okay but over the course of the term I have realised just how much I don’t know about library and information science. I have also realised just what it is like to be a distance education student in this brave new world of learning management systems. On the one hand there is so much more available for students studying by distance education than there was in 1996/97 when I last studied externally. On the other hand the reliance on information technology systems can be a real pain in the rear especially when things don’t work. I never had that problem with a paper based study guide. So you know, that’s how things go. I have one more task to do before I finish the term and that is to release my e-portfolio. If you don’t what that is, I am only very slightly ahead of you. I will explore this tomorrow as it’s been about 6 weeks since I even touched it and I really can’t remember how it is all supposed to work. Then I am done done done until next term when I undertake something called Information Programs. Perhaps I should read the course profile to see what that is about. But not today.