Silence in the library

Things have been a little quiet on the trying to save a quarter front. For anyone who has been glued to their computer screen waiting for a new post I apologise for my slackness. In case you were wondering I made it through the end of term 1 with a Distinction overall for Information Retrieval. Phew! I thought that I would never finish that report. And now, I am about to begin week 2 of Term 2. The subject this term is Information Programs. I am very excited about its social media/technology focus. While I love my twitter and my blogs, there is a lot about technology that I don’t understand so I am looking forward to the challenge. The first one has been setting up a blog for the subject where I will complete activities. As a fairly content blogger user, using wordpress for the first time has been an interesting experience. I can see it has a lot more to offer in terms of functions and I have been a little bit brave a few times in order to find what I am looking for. Sadly, I have come with a very ordinary name for that blog…. “adding to my collection of blogs”. Clearly, I was all out of inspiration. I may rip off the Doctor Who library episode yet. In fact! I think I will!


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