Twittering on about Twitter

This is my second attempt at a vlog reflection rather than staying in my usual written blog post comfort zone. (Actually it’s my third attempt. Yesterday I had a whole different one finished but then I got up this morning, watched it and hated it. Delete!). I chose to reflect on the second option in the weekly activities. I’m not sure I stayed on the topic perfectly but I decided I will call it “creativity”. What I have learned this week? How to import and export audio files that I have recorded myself using Audacity, how to search for images in Creative Commons and use them and also get a little bit more technical with Windows Live Movie Maker (which is all I have on my computer). How I wish I had a lovely Mac! Never mind.


6 thoughts on “Twittering on about Twitter

  1. Ha ha, you probably saw some Eurovision tweets from @klfair. I too like using Twitter to keep up with various people and organisations, and building it as I choose – I just wish I could understand what it is that makes people follow me!
    I really like the idea of what makes us human in the age of technology.

  2. Thanks Julia. Twitter is really the only way to watch Eurovision I think. Well, it’s the most enjoyable way I’ve found! It’s interesting to speculate about what makes people follow others isn’t it? We may never really know πŸ™‚

  3. I really enjoyed your reflection, Wendy, in particular where you talked about the minutiae of everyday life… You’re bang on the money here. The connections I’ve forged via Twitter, while made with people who share professional interests, have largely been forged by sharing the minutiae of my everyday… People know who I am, what’s important to me, and that I’m addicted to a sugar-filled caffeinated drink. I know similar things about them. We’re all human and we’re all interested in things other than libraries, technology and education.

    I’ve been pondering whether to open up my locked account to the world, but for me that would mean I would need to stop tweeting about certain aspects of my personal life. In particular, I’d have to stop tweeting about the small people who consume so much of my time and attention. Sure, many people in my Twitter stream wouldn’t miss my #twintweets, but the little bits and pieces of my life that I push out via my locked account make me who I am, and I’m not sure I’m willing to give up on sharing the minutiae of my life. Thanks for reminding me that it’s okay to indulge myself by sharing these little bits of me.

  4. You have left me with lots to digest. I agree with Kate when she says, ‘you’re bang on the money’. The virtual social world allows users to pour their heart and soul into a world that is open for all to read. The educational implications are yet to be fully explored. Using twitter for a PLN too, highlights advantages in using the medium. However after reading this (16/03/2010). “FBI Goes Undercover On Social Networks”. Informationweek – Online (1938-3371), 1, p. 1., I began to think β€˜ who I follow may not be who I think I follow and vice versa’. This to me bring issues of trust into question. How can I trust who I do not know?
    My profile is public, yet even if it were to be private, how do I know (unless I actually know the person) that who follows me, is actually who they say they are? I know this sounds paranoid and to an extent, self glorifying, but after reading (15/07/2009). “Twitter Confidential Files Distributed By Hacker”. Informationweek – Online (1938-3371), 1, p. 1., I remain unsure as to how much I want/should publish.

  5. hi Kate…I’m glad you enjoyed it. I sometimes wonder whether I should lock my account and am still mulling as to whether I should follow your personal/professional divide with two accounts but the benefits I have gained so far have outweighed me wanting to make any changes. I think what is really interesting about Twitter is that it allows us to live a reflective life. And reflection is so important to our continual growth as people πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Oliver…yes I agree trust is a real issue with social networking. I think it is important to consider that when deciding how much of our soul we decide to bare. I think I sit somewhere in the middle when it comes to twitter and try to be thoughtful about what I share and who I share with but I guess nothing is foolproof. I see Google+ tried to implement a “no fake names” policy but got a bit of flak for that. I try to be careful with my privacy settings, moderate all comments to personal blogs and cross my fingers and hope for the best. Facebook privacy settings are as high as they can go because in fact I don’t trust them. Should we “Trust No One” a la The X Files? I haven’t got a definite answer!

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