Storifying Leonard Cohen

View “Hallelujah” on Storify

I decided I would play with Storify as well as Bundlr. Being someone who alternates between loving and hating Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah I thought it might be interesting (and perhaps therapeutic for me) to try it use it as the theme for a story.


4 thoughts on “Storifying Leonard Cohen

  1. Hey, I did the same playing with both Bundlr and Storify? How did you find both applications? I think Storify is much more aesthetically pleasing, and that’s mostly the whole point in sharing ‘bundles’ isn’t it????
    You have to love the build-up in this song though, if nothing else!

  2. Like you I much preferred Storify both aesthetically and for the fact I found it easier to thread my own view through the theme of story I chose. I also liked the examples on the site and what I have seen people do here so far as well. I thought it was a good idea to try them both out and compare as well.

    I do actually love the song I think. It’s just some of the covers are “interesting”.

  3. I preferred Storify also – it IS much more pleasing aesthetically.

    My favourite cover of this song is the one by Jeff Buckley. It’s beautiful. Then again, I am a bit of a Jeff Buckley fan :p

  4. Jeff Buckley really makes it his own doesn’t he? I was really thrilled to discover the John Cale version. Also I like Rufus wainwright. They all do something special I think 🙂

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