Building a bridge: Week 8 Reflection

This week my reflection is in the form of slidecast, mainly because I wanted to have another go at using this technology. I found this very easy to set up with ppt and then talk to the points. Something that I didn’t talk about in the reflection is my experience with some vlogs that have been put together for the program I teach into to assist distance students with information literacy. I went to have another look at them this morning and the files were too large to watch easily from home. They took forever to connect and then wouldn’t play. Technology fail. I’m not sure what was used to make them but I think something much simpler could be just as effective. This informed my last point about considering the technical/technological access of users when providing information in this way. Many of the students who would be wanting to access these vlogs live in rural and regional areas where internet access is limited and slow. We are doing them a dis-service if we cannot provide information equitably to all. Anyway, this is definitely something I will be looking to try and improve in the future. So, all in all, this week has really struck a chord with me.

Screencast – Week 8

This is my umpteenth attempt at a screencast this week. I used JingPro and the built in microphone on my laptop for audio. I then used Youtube to host the screencast as that is where I store all other videos. I decided to screencast something about my regional library as that is the library we are looking at for the second assignment. This screencast is about how to borrow an eAudiobook.