Googlebook vs Facebook+


5 thoughts on “Googlebook vs Facebook+

  1. I note Wendy you said that a strength of Facebook is it tries new things. I wonder though if it is more reactive than proactive. What I mean is that Facebook is only making changes to their privacy settings because of what Google+ and what other organisations are doing to meet the community’s concern about privacy. What do you think?

  2. Hi Helen
    Yes I definitely agree in that case it has been reactive because there have been voices of concern about Fb’s privacy policies and nothing much has been done by them before. I guess this might mean that FB are taking Google+ serious as a potential competitor/threat. I also think though that FB is continually evolving in what it offers its users or in the way it presents itself as a social network…particularly in the way users have to adapt to engage with its changing interface. I think this shows an organisation that is constantly thinking about its presence as a network and its capacity to build online communities. Its willingness to change in this way might be what has kept it vital. There are always new things to try if users want to do that. There’s certainly lots of food for thought isn’t there? 🙂

  3. I think I agree with Helen about Facebook being more reactive then proactive. Especially relating to the newest changes they have made and the users negative reactions towards it. Although I do give facebook props for trying new things, there wasnt really any need to change it, afterall “if it ain’t broke, why fix it?”

  4. there do seem to have been a lot of negative reaction to the latest changes. I guess mine was one of them in that I deactivated my account (for the second and perhaps final time). It just gets tiring as a user adapting to the changes which don’t seem to add anything to the experience. It will be interesting to see if Google+ follows the same track of constant change and revision.

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