Building a bridge: Week 8 Reflection

This week my reflection is in the form of slidecast, mainly because I wanted to have another go at using this technology. I found this very easy to set up with ppt and then talk to the points. Something that I didn’t talk about in the reflection is my experience with some vlogs that have been put together for the program I teach into to assist distance students with information literacy. I went to have another look at them this morning and the files were too large to watch easily from home. They took forever to connect and then wouldn’t play. Technology fail. I’m not sure what was used to make them but I think something much simpler could be just as effective. This informed my last point about considering the technical/technological access of users when providing information in this way. Many of the students who would be wanting to access these vlogs live in rural and regional areas where internet access is limited and slow. We are doing them a dis-service if we cannot provide information equitably to all. Anyway, this is definitely something I will be looking to try and improve in the future. So, all in all, this week has really struck a chord with me.


9 thoughts on “Building a bridge: Week 8 Reflection

  1. Thanks for this pointer about Slidecast for bridging the gap Wendy.

    I agree, it would be nice to create a slidecast library of concepts that we could use again and again to better serve the user. User is able to contribute comments and input knowledge that could become part of the library too πŸ™‚

  2. I definitely agree Wendy – as a distance education student at an undergraduate level, I experienced the best and worst of what distance learning had to offer. Quite often, the lecture audio files wouldn’t work and I’d miss out on a weeks’ worth of information. Simply reading the powerpoint slides and taking notes was not enough, and i found myself feeling rather disconnected from the university and the lecturers.

    I did have one history professor in my 3rd year who did excellent screencasts of all of his lectures, and I think my overall high marks in that class reflect his effective use of technology.

    • I strongly agree with the technical proficiency of slidecasting in academic context. When the instructor know how to use the technology properly, it will deliver abundant benefits to all the students. I also need to rely on the video recording on the lectures sometimes, it would be good if they can create a slidecasting so that i can relate better on which slide is the lecturer presenting πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks Vincent. The ability for users to interact is really important and something that I didn’t think about enough this week. That’s a really key point isn’t it.

    I guess that’s what you mean as well Becca. The technology has to work to build a community of users or students (or whoever the audience is) or else there’s no real point to it being there. For distance students it can make all the difference to their learning experience πŸ™‚

  4. It’s not really a dis-service i think, though the content is there but unfortunately the size and probably quality is too big to download. Have a request been setup to ask the creator to reduce the quality or file size.

    or like what many libraries screen cast have done is to break them up into small easily downloadable chunks.

  5. Hi Wendy, that really interesting! The first time I used screencasts was not really successful. The reason was my experience. I think the more we use technology, the more experience we have.

  6. Hi Nhung, I think you are definitely right there! Unless we are willing to give things a go we won’t get the experience we need. I guess that is why the play component of this subject is so valuable hey!

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