A delicious library?

With a few posts and discussions happening about our dreams of having libraries in our homes I remembered this from one of my favourite blogging friends Circulating Library. Delicious Library looks like a very interesting way of keeping track of collections of all types and cataloguing. It’s also good to see an example. I’m almost inspired to try it myself (on a rainy day when I have some time) as a program to catalogue my books and also my sheet music (the latter of which is constantly in a muddle). Are there any mac fans out there already using it?


14 thoughts on “A delicious library?

  1. I would definitely recommend getting one – they are absolutely brilliant. I can’t find a single thing about my MacBook Pro that I don’t love. I love the way the keys on the keyboard feel, the way the screen looks, the way the apple on the cover lights up. Seriously, I could wax lyrical about macs all day long.

    And to think – I nearly had buyers remorse after buying it because it ate a fair chunk out of the money I had saved up for a trip to the UK. I don’t think I could live without it now.

  2. Ooh! I hope they let you! Which kind would you get? Do you have a preference? My brother is doing a graphic design degree and he’s been salivating over a desktop, because the software those macs have and the things they can do in regards to art is amazing.

    I prefer laptops though, myself.

  3. definitely a laptop both for space and portability. I did have an ibook some years ago and loved it. It’s still in the cupboard but too slow and small to cope with the demands of the web today.

  4. You know, the amount of books I have lent out that have never returned the wayward way back to me is at the minimum 1/3 of my book collection collected over the past 30. That’s a long time! So you can imagine how many books (paperback/hardcover) I shall never see that were initially mine…

    My partner Pete has a shockingly huge electronic Occult library (the books on the shelf are only a side arm 😉 ). Over 4,000 electonic files ranging from DVD, audio/video, MP3/4s, pdfs, avis, FLVs, images, ePubs, djvus, text files and document files… Waaayyy more than what one could poke a stick at!

    He could actually do with Delicious Library, instead of me basing the Database assignment for INN533 on his collection! Hahaha.

    I may even spot him the $35.00 with nudge and forward him the link… 😉

  5. That’s one huge library for Pete!

    Borrowing and loaning books is a tricky business isn’t it. I’m always keen to loan books I love to others for them to share in the experience. I get very cranky when people don’t give them back though. For instance, I know I shall never see Zeitoun by Dave Eggers again unless I buy another copy because a good-for-nothing boy took off on a trip with it never to be seen again.

    I try to always be a good returner though. “Try” being the operative word there of course. *looks at bookcase with a little guilt*

  6. Ohhh and I too will never see some of the Douglas Adams, Raymond Feist, James Clavell, Ken Follet, Robert Jordon, Jeffrey Archer *cough* *cry* … hard copy books that I have lent out over time unless I purchase another copy like you.

    There is actually one book that has been haunting my thoughts over the past couple of week that I need to return to a work colleague who had lent it to me like 2 yrs ago … Chocolate for the Soul.

    Its here somewhere… I’m sure, hmm.

  7. Oh no! Douglas Adams. I would cry if I lent some of my favourite books and never got them back – they become like friends almost, since you become so deeply involved in the story that you’re emotionally invested in them. I have certain books I read for comfort or when I feel sad, and certain books I read at certain times at the year. So I don’t blame you at all for being upset – I actually stopped lending my books out because one of my friends spilt hot oil over one I had lent to her. It was an accident and i wasn’t angry, but … well, you know what I mean.

  8. I still remember as a 12 year old loaning a book to my best friend and she was reading it outside in her garden, left it there overnight (she was a daydreamer) and it was ruined by rain. I was loathe to loan her much at all after that!

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