Librarians on TV

Last night I started browsing youtube for images and representations of librarians. Of course I’m guessing most of us are familiar with the Australian series “The Librarians”. Here’s two little somethings I found highly amusing. Both of them engage with the stereotypes out there about libraries and librarians. This one from Community is short and sweet with the wonderful line “maybe if we’re too loud she’ll shush us”

The second one from Mitchell and Webb is “nice” if only because it shows how a library’s information program (i.e basic borrowing record) can be used for insult and evil. Something to enjoy on a Sunday morning πŸ™‚

It seems as though some television scriptwriters need a catch-up on the changing role of the librarian in the 21st century world of Web 2.0?

9 thoughts on “Librarians on TV

  1. I love Community, but I think ‘Sexy Librarian’ image is probably here to stay, at least, judging by this cohort πŸ˜€

    I don’t think that the glasses-wearing book-reading stereotype is going to go anywhere soon, unfortunately.

  2. Yes, unfortunately I don’t think that stereotype is going anywhere either. Whenever someone asks me what I’m studying and I tell them, there are three different reactions. One is interest, because they weren’t aware there was so much involved in studying to become a librarian. The other two range from a look of complete and utter boredom to a comment about how they haven’t been in a library since they were little because they haven’t picked up a book in years – they just don’t like reading.

    This to me is unfathomable. You don’t like reading? Is this in Klingon, because I don’t understand! Lol.

  3. Oh yeah, definitely a good thing – and I agree, glasses can be sexy! But the fact that it’s a stereotype that has followed librarians around ever since there were libraries… probably not so good. I know I don’t wear glasses – I am pretty bookish though.

  4. Whenever I tell people I’ m studying to be librarian they most often then not say ‘yeah, I can see you as a librarian…’ I not sure whether this is good or not! My friend even gave me a badge the other day that says ‘I’m a Librarian: Don’t make me shush your A**’!

  5. You missed out on the best version of the librarian in recent media. Tammy 2 the librarian in Parks and Recreation.
    Sadly there aren’t too many clips of her online(NBC cuts them off at the knees when they find them) but the descriptions of her make for interesting listening.

  6. Thanks Andrew…I will definitely check this one out. I didn’t get very far in my PandR viewing yet I’m afraid. Representations of librarians in our culture…thesis topic anyone?

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