A visit to GoMA

One thing I love about going to Brisbane is visiting GoMA. Last weekend I took my Mum there on Saturday morning to see the Matisse exhibition. So many elegant and beautiful drawings. I dutifully noticed the QR codes throughout the exhibition and then ignored them, preferring instead just to wander about at my leisure without being hooked to my phone. So really I didn’t fully participate in this part of this exhibition. However, I was inspired to draw something in the drawing room through which you exit (along with the cafe and the gift shop). Like David Tennant’s Doctor Who I love a little shop and I did spend some money in there on a some postcards and bits and pieces. We also drank a coffee and ate some biscotti while I made my first attempt at art of any kind since Year 8 art. I am not good at drawing. Here is what I came up with.

So in this way, the exhibition did “catch me”. It got me, the gallery user to be all participatory in a way I would never usually do. Good work GoMA.

The highlight though was the Kusama exhibit which I knew nothing about save twitter friend @KatyaHenry had recommended that I made sure I saw it. Dots, spots, colour, size. This was an immersive and participatory gallery experience and one that left me smiling and joyful. I wish I’d taken more pictures. Here is just one. Tell me, that doesn’t make you feel happy.


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