All GLAMmed out…..for now

I have just submitted my minor research project. Hurrah!
I spent the summer term reading about all things GLAM, cultural policy for collecting institutions and cultural heritage in Australia and just generally finding out more about the NGA, NLA, NAA and NMA. I also discovered a liking for policy documents (who would have thought?!) and am keenly awaiting the release of the commonwealth government’s cultural policy. I read and re-read with great affection Creative Nation. I also racked up a huge fine from my local library because I had Creative Nation out for three months, kept forgetting to renew it. Finally, last week they sent me one of these emails where they tell you the replacement cost of the item in a very stern tone. I don’t know what the rush is for them to get it back. I can see from the inside cover that no-one had borrowed it since 2001. It was date stamped. I’ll take it back tomorrow and ask nicely if they will remove the fine. You would think they would have been thrilled someone actually wanted to borrow it.

Anyway, silly details aside, I am very glad that I did this project over the summer. While there were days in January when I was on holidays from work and just wanted to do nothing that I had to grit my teeth and plug away at it, I knew it would be a relief to have it completed. If I am very good, work hard and stay on track I can be finished my Masters by the middle of 2013. Exciting. In the meantime, I will continue to follow the debates about the GLAM sector with interest and hopefully have the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge more in this area as I continue through the next 18 months and beyond.

And finally, on the domestic front, I can finally clear away all the bits of paper and readings that have been cluttering my desk and the kitchen bench since November. I will have surfaces once more!

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