Term 2 starts on Monday

It has been lovely having a break from study but there are only so many old episodes of The West Wing and Seinfeld that I can draw on to fill in my spare time. I’m looking forward to Term 2 starting on Monday. This term I am taking one subject, Information Organisation. While I managed the two subjects in Term 1 and also managed to do well in both of them, adding them to my job and my piano teaching and my life in general wasn’t the most sensible time management decision I have ever made.

During the break I attended the RAILS8 conference at UniSA on June 25. I was a little bit apprehensive about the whole thing for a few reasons. The main one was that it has been some time since I presented a “proper” conference paper. When I say “some time” I’m talking years, not months. This is why it was great to have the excellent support of my project supervisor, Katherine Howard during the lead up to the conference and at the presentation. And in the end I quite enjoyed myself. It was also inspiring to see and hear some of the work in all sorts of areas that is being done in Australia and beyond. It made me very keen to go to more conferences. This can be difficult to achieve living, as I do, in the “sticks” but I am determined. While it looks like I won’t make it to ICA in Brisbane in August, I think I will start planning now for the February double of Information Online and NLS6 in Brisbane in 2013.