NLS6 and Pinspiration

I was lucky enough to be awarded a bursary from the ALIA NGAC for travel and accommodation to attend NLS6 in Brisbane in early February. My entry was a Pinterest board which you can see here.

Wendy’s NLS6 Pinterest board

I also wrote two reflective blog posts on the NLS6 website about my expectation and experience of the conference.

Before NLS6

After NLS6

Term 3 zipped by…now for Term 1

It’s really difficult to believe it’s two years since I began my LIS studies. A lot has happened in that time. While I am not moving through the course as quickly as I would like to I have had to come to the conclusion that slow and steady wins the race. I am very tempted to take two courses this term, but after last year’s (successful) attempt at two courses in Term 1 combined with full time work and other music and community commitments I am a little hesitant. I have to get stuck into my Musical Bundaberg project properly so that will be like a subject in itself. I am also enrolled in Online Information Services which I am looking forward to tremendously. But then, who knows, over the weekend I might make the snap decision to add Information Literacy. Unlikely, but possible.