INN530 – Reflection on learning

Look! I get to write a reflection after all. Thanks Kate.

The question is “What are the most important, biggest, interesting or surprising learning you will take away from this subject?”

The most important aspect of INN530 for me was that I discovered I was capable of understanding basic html. Before this course html was something that I was a little bit frightened of. It looked very complicated and I was in awe of anyone who could “code”. Thanks to Kate’s endlessly patient tutorials and the resources on W3C I have now started on a journey into the world of html and I am enthusiastic to learn more.

The most interesting aspect of INN530 for was/is the concept of accessibility. That’s why I’m doing my second assignment on this topic. Prior to this course I was totally clueless as to accessibility guidelines and standards. It’s become a journey of discovery and one that I feel I could become quite passionate about from an equity standpoint.

I guess these two things also fit into the categories of big and surprising as well. As always, INN530 reminded me that all learning experiences are filled with unexpected lessons. And once again, as has happened all the way through this M.IT, I have found connections between the course and my “real life”.

Thanks everyone. It’s been a great term.