A delicious library?

With a few posts and discussions happening about our dreams of having libraries in our homes I remembered this from one of my favourite blogging friends Circulating Library. Delicious Library looks like a very interesting way of keeping track of collections of all types and cataloguing. It’s also good to see an example. I’m almost inspired to try it myself (on a rainy day when I have some time) as a program to catalogue my books and also my sheet music (the latter of which is constantly in a muddle). Are there any mac fans out there already using it?

Screencast – Week 8

This is my umpteenth attempt at a screencast this week. I used JingPro and the built in microphone on my laptop for audio. I then used Youtube to host the screencast as that is where I store all other videos. I decided to screencast something about my regional library as that is the library we are looking at for the second assignment. This screencast is about how to borrow an eAudiobook.

Week 4 Reflection…with bonus cats

I have reflected twice this week. In the interest of taking on the challenge of play I have again used video rather than text (which is outside my comfort zone). I also wanted to see if I could add music in the background so that can be heard in the second video. It’s all a bit crackly and I don’t think it really works but it was an interesting exercise for me nonetheless.

What’s that you say? You want to know what I thought about syndication and aggregation?

Well you’ll have to suffer through the videos


Oh…and for those of you who don’t know what Hooked on Classics is here’s a snippet…with added cats!

vlog blog reflection


Reflection Week 2


I decided to take the “play” challenge and move outside my usual comfort zone of blogging and experiment with vlogging. After reading the Week 2 material about online identity management I thought I would try an off the cuff low key reflection using my webcam. The result is above and has been added to my YouTube channel. A few disclaimers are necessary. I have never used any video technology every before. I have never talked directly and recorded my thoughts in this way. What did I learn? My webcam is a little bit hopeless – the audio and video is a little out of synch for me. Also the sound is crackly. Next time I will try the iPhone video instead!