Week 4 Reflection…with bonus cats

I have reflected twice this week. In the interest of taking on the challenge of play I have again used video rather than text (which is outside my comfort zone). I also wanted to see if I could add music in the background so that can be heard in the second video. It’s all a bit crackly and I don’t think it really works but it was an interesting exercise for me nonetheless.

What’s that you say? You want to know what I thought about syndication and aggregation?

Well you’ll have to suffer through the videos


Oh…and for those of you who don’t know what Hooked on Classics is here’s a snippet…with added cats!

Twittering on about Twitter

This is my second attempt at a vlog reflection rather than staying in my usual written blog post comfort zone. (Actually it’s my third attempt. Yesterday I had a whole different one finished but then I got up this morning, watched it and hated it. Delete!). I chose to reflect on the second option in the weekly activities. I’m not sure I stayed on the topic perfectly but I decided I will call it “creativity”. What I have learned this week? How to import and export audio files that I have recorded myself using Audacity, how to search for images in Creative Commons and use them and also get a little bit more technical with Windows Live Movie Maker (which is all I have on my computer). How I wish I had a lovely Mac! Never mind.

vlog blog reflection


Reflection Week 2


I decided to take the “play” challenge and move outside my usual comfort zone of blogging and experiment with vlogging. After reading the Week 2 material about online identity management I thought I would try an off the cuff low key reflection using my webcam. The result is above and has been added to my YouTube channel. A few disclaimers are necessary. I have never used any video technology every before. I have never talked directly and recorded my thoughts in this way. What did I learn? My webcam is a little bit hopeless – the audio and video is a little out of synch for me. Also the sound is crackly. Next time I will try the iPhone video instead!