Conference presentations and slides

In November 2013, I presented a reflection on Musical Bundaberg at the ALIA QLD mini conference, held at the Brisbane Square Library. This is a recording I made after the conference of my presentation (approximately 20 mins)

In February 2013 I attended the New Librarians Symposium (NLS6) at QUT. I was awarded a 1000 dollar bursary for attend the conference from NGAC based on my Pinterest board.

Imagining a different soundtrack for my career

In July 2012 Rails8 I presented a paper with Katherine Howard on cultural policy, cultural heritage and the GLAM sector. These are the slides from that presentation.

Rails8 Presentation Slides

In 2011/12 I collaborated with QUT students and Masters students in Germany on a conference presentation at BOBCATSSS. Each student had to provide a short video reflection on their experience in the Information Programs unit. I used Prezi and Jing to create my video.




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