The games of life

You know the reason I didn’t choose this week as a designated activity was because way back in Week 1, gaming conjured up images of online role playing games of which I have no interest at all. If you had asked me was I interested in games, the answer would have been an emphatic NO! But the activity, commentary and discussion around INN333 this week has changed my mind. The concept of a game as a learning or information tool had never really entered my mind (DUH!). Little did I know, that my mildly obsessive personality was perfect for engaging with a week of playing a game. And it’s been fun too. Luckily I skipped delving into any of the “ville” Facebook games or else I might have a severe addiction by now. Still, if I look back over my life until there have been some gaming highlights. Card games of 500 with my grandfathers where they played to win despite the fact that my brother and I were still in primary school are an early memory. Then there was Trouble, Snakes and Ladders, Uno (which still marks all family gatherings and is HIGHLY competitive), the Mad Magazine board game (loved so much that recently my brother bought an old copy on ebay after my mother threw ours away when we left home), Boggle, Scrabble, Monopoly (of course), Trivial Pursuit (at which I am highly competitive), Pictionary (at which I am very bad – surprise!) and a recent love of Trivia nights. So, surprise surprise, I might classify myself as a gamer after all just not really a Web 2.0 gamer. Little did I realise that these games were teaching me things! I thought I was just having fun. Who knew that we could learn stuff and have fun at the same time! Not me 😉

But then, wait a minute….what’s that Wii doing in my lounge room? Surely, I haven’t bought a game-playing console? It seems I have. It’s teaching me that I’m quite lazy and that the Wii fit DVD will gather plenty of dust if left unused. And what about Angry Birds? That’s a game. What have learned from playing it on my phone or iPad? Well frustration mainly, and a realisation that I still have no idea about the laws of physics, motion, energy or how you break those big glass contraptions with the pigs in them.

So I do have a life that has been shaped by games and gaming after all. Thank you INN333 Week 12 and all your participants for raising my awareness of the game.