the googlisation of the library catalogue

In the last couple of weeks the uni I work at has introduced a new way of engaging with its library. They have introduced a service called “Discover It” which is basically a google type search function available from the library homepage that searches all library resources (from the catalogue, from online resources, from databases the library subscribes to). At first I was a little bit skeptical as to how effective it would be. Teaching in a program that offers introductory information literacy this means changes to our course material for 2012. Today I went to Discover It to start to play with it. I was pleasantly surprised. At a staff meeting earlier in the week there was a lot of negative talk about how students wouldn’t know what type of resources they were finding, blah blah blah…but the interface is very clear and far cleaner to navigate than the old way of searching the catalogue. I do however hate the resdesign of our uni website. I think there is far too much white space and it looks unfinished and very messy. What do you think? Time will tell if this flattening of the catalogue in the style of google will be successful for the users of the library, but it is exciting to see the library embracing some change.