Librarians on TV

Last night I started browsing youtube for images and representations of librarians. Of course I’m guessing most of us are familiar with the Australian series “The Librarians”. Here’s two little somethings I found highly amusing. Both of them engage with the stereotypes out there about libraries and librarians. This one from Community is short and sweet with the wonderful line “maybe if we’re too loud she’ll shush us”

The second one from Mitchell and Webb is “nice” if only because it shows how a library’s information program (i.e basic borrowing record) can be used for insult and evil. Something to enjoy on a Sunday morning 🙂

It seems as though some television scriptwriters need a catch-up on the changing role of the librarian in the 21st century world of Web 2.0?

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Reflection Week 2


I decided to take the “play” challenge and move outside my usual comfort zone of blogging and experiment with vlogging. After reading the Week 2 material about online identity management I thought I would try an off the cuff low key reflection using my webcam. The result is above and has been added to my YouTube channel. A few disclaimers are necessary. I have never used any video technology every before. I have never talked directly and recorded my thoughts in this way. What did I learn? My webcam is a little bit hopeless – the audio and video is a little out of synch for me. Also the sound is crackly. Next time I will try the iPhone video instead!