The gamification of information literacy?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I teach in a program that has an information literacy component. Information literacy is taught in connection with academic essay writing and referencing skills. For the last ten years, it has involved students attending sessions in the campus library computer labs and working their way through a paper information literacy guide. As their writing teacher I attend their information literacy so I can connect these sessions with our writing tutorials. I have spent many a boring hour in the library, watching students update their Facebook status while the librarian stands at the front of the room and shows them how to use the catalogue, or a database, or the ABS on a projector screen. Needless to say, most of the students are not engaged. Neither are they participating. As a result, their information literacy skills at the end of the sessions are usually still quite poor which is frustrating when they then have to research information to write an end of term essay. Usually, I end up “re-teaching” the infolit in class. After watching the “games” take place this week and seeing how it motivated me (and lots of others) to participate in the learning environment, I have started to wonder how the information literacy might be incorporated into our teaching in a more interesting way. I had already started making a list of grand plans about incorporating screencasts, vlogs and other things into my teaching practice but games hadn’t really entered my mind. Now, I’ve started wondering how could I incorporate gaming strategies as a way of engaging our students with information literacy? Food for thought for the future!